Vaccine refrigeration

Vaccine refrigeration

Vaccine refrigeration


Product description:

Medical refrigerator is a common piece of equipment found in clinical areas. It is used to ensure specific medicines are safely stored within a narrow temperature range in line with manufacturers’ instructions; this is usually between +2˚C and +8˚C for the refrigerator and up to -25 ˚C for the freezer


Technical characteristics:

Heavy insulation for storage of medication, vaccine, milk and fluids at +4°C±2°C with special features of alarm alerts.

continuous temperature monitoring and display,

Microprocessor control panel with screen and easy-to-read digital display showing inside temperature

Uniform temperature maintenance throughout the equipment.

Construction: Internal: Stainless steel. External: Corrosion Resistant.

Glass or solid door and roll out stainless steel drawers with adjustable height.

Internal temperature Control: Electronic temperature control: range +2°C to +8°C with setting accuracy +-1°C for refrigerator and freezer between -10˚C   to -25 ˚C

automatic defrosting

External ambient temperature: Performs in an ambient temperature of +10ºCto +43ºC.

Temperature monitoring: Digital temperature LED display with 0.1ºC graduation.

Temperature recording device.

Audible and visual alarm system indicating unsafe temperatures.

Battery backup for alarm and temperature recording device.

Four one-way wheels and two stabilizing adjustable feet

capacity up to 180 L for the refrigerator and up to 100L for the fridge


Regulatory approvals: FDA or CE approved product.

Manufacturer and Supplier should have ISO 13485 certification for quality standards.